Fix our schools

Children are going to school in buildings without proper heating or cooling, with leaky roofs or stairways overdue for repair. After years of Conservative and Liberal governments neglecting schools, the backlog of needed repairs has reached over $16 billion in our province.

Throughout their tenure in office, the Conservative government has done back on their commitment to providing adequate, stable funding for our schools, and three and a half years later, our repair backlog continues to grow. 

Now more than ever, because of the pandemic we need a government that will make funding schools and education a priority. Jill Andrew and the Ontario NDP will get it done.

Here are some of our key priorities: 

  • Mandatory vaccination for all teachers and education workers
  • Putting the COVID vaccine on the student immunization list
  • Free rapid tests for all students, teachers, and education staff
  • Reduced class sizes and school busloads
  • Improved ventilation in all schools and regular on-site air quality testing
  • Work towards eliminating the repair backlog

Add your name if you want a government to prioritize schools and education.

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