A Safe September is Needed NOW

We are just weeks out from a new school year, and the "plan" Minister Lecce and the Ford government has unveiled to keep our students, education workers, and parents does not cut it when it comes to keeping people safe! 

It's shortcomings across the board are bound to walk us into another disaster, with Ontario's children feeling the brunt of the Ford government's inaction for the second year in a row. For too long - longer than any other province - students were stuck staring at screens, away from their peers, teachers, and other supports, and the classes they love. 

We can not sit by and let this happen again. This is about more than education. It's about Ontario children's health; physical and mental.

The future of our province means fostering its youth. Now is the time Minister Lecce to do hs job, prioritize our province's struggling students, and give us a real plan to keep people safe!

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