Community News Update - February 10, 2021

Dear Community,

Today, Ontario has reported an additional 1072 cases of COVID-19, and the seven-day average has now fallen to 1353 cases. While we are continuing to see a reduction in cases of COVID-19, it’s important that we don’t lose our focus now.

We cannot pretend that we are ready to go back to business as usual, we must continue to take all the reasonable precautions that we can to slow the spread of COVID-19.

To make that happen, it is especially important for the leaders in our province to send a clear message to Ontarians that we must remain cognisant of the dangers we face. Sadly, with the incoming suspension of the State of Emergency in Ontario, I believe that the wrong message is being sent by the provincial government, especially when there are not any new public health protections. We need to put a stop to the opening and closing cycle and make the public health adjustments that we need to make our next ‘reopening’ our last.

Of course, to truly put COVID-19 behind us, vaccination is the key, and today the City of Toronto has announced eight new mass vaccination sites that they hope to have operational in April of this year, pending provincial approval. These sites are to be spread out through Toronto, with one located here in our neighbourhood at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre (located at 200 Eglinton Ave W). These sites are planned to operate alongside hospital-run sites and should, combined, be able to administer over 100,000 doses a week (depending on supply).

To see the full list of sites, and to read more about this announcement, click here.

Throughout this pandemic, it has been incredible to see the many community supports that have emerged in our neighbourhoods. I’m excited to share with you that The Underground Cafe from St. Michael’s and All Angels Church has now moved online. The Underground Cafe is a weekly grassroots community initiative to bring people together in the neighbourhood for a cup of coffee or tea and a conversation. The Cafe happens every Friday from 10-11:30AM!

If you’re interested in attending, you can find the information to attend online through their website here.

Finally, today I’m happy to share an invite with you for the Resist Renovictions Workshop being organized by the folks from Toronto ACORN, on February 22 at 6PM. They will be covering the details around renovictions, what to look out for, and how tenants can protect themselves against bad faith renovictions.

If you’re interested in attending, you can RSVP here or check out their Facebook event about the workshop here.  

In Solidarity,

Jill Andrew
MPP for Toronto—St. Paul's

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