Community News Update - November 4, 2020

Dear Community,

It feels like today the entire world is watching the American presidential election, right now – myself included. But as we feverishly await the results (and are sincerely hoping to see Donald Trump defeated), it is important that we do not lose our focus on the important issues affecting us here at home.

On that note, today Ontario reported another 987 cases of COVID-19 and another 16 deaths. The death toll today is the largest we have seen in a single day since the second wave of COVID-19 began in Ontario and follows a predicted upward trend, that is likely to continue as our case numbers have been hovering in the 800-1000 cases a day range now for some time.
For all of us, this is extremely saddening and frustrating to see. This provincial government should have been more prepared for the second wave, instead, they are flying by the seat of their pants, and Ontario is paying the price.

It is my sincere belief that this could have been handled much better from the start, from a healthcare and economic perspective. That sentiment continues to be backed each day as we see rising case numbers and further evidence that the supports that have been produced by the provincial government have been ineffective at reducing the pain being felt by Ontarian.

In fact, it has now been revealed that the Ford government’s new proposal to support businesses will not be accessible to businesses outside the hardest-hit areas of Ontario. While some support will trickle into businesses here in Toronto – many others across the province will be totally out of luck. On top of that, the proposal that has been brought forward will not go nearly far enough to address the true depth of the challenges being felt by small business owners in Ontario.

For months now, the Ontario NDP has been pushing forward our Save Mainstreet Plan that would do so much more than what the government is offering, but they refuse to adopt any of our proposals.
More information also continues to emerge about Charles McVety, a notorious bigot, and friend of Doug Ford.

Comments surfaced today from McVety – who is pushing for the power to grant science degrees at his controversial college – showing that he believes the earth is just 6,000 years old, and that carbon pricing efforts are “the Anti-Christ”. While we did not need more evidence indicating that Charles McVety should not receive expanded powers at his school – this certainly shows us again how unfit he is.

Finally, I am sending another reminder out to our community that we all need to remain vigilant in the face of COVID-19. That means that we need to be wearing our masks, washing our hands, and ensuring that we are limiting our physical contact to those we live with.

 In Solidarity,

Jill Andrew

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