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“Hard times don’t create heroes. It’s during the hard times that the hero within us is revealed.”

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Everyday across our great riding, people are doing things large and small that are exciting and inspiring and deserve a little recognition.

People like Irwin Elman. He used to be the province’s Child Advocate, at least until the Ford government cut the position altogether.

But that hasn’t stopped Irwin from speaking up for kids.


As the pandemic started to take hold, he wrote a powerful open letter to the country’s premiers, urging them to stop kids from “aging out” of support during these trying times.

It worked!

Last week, the Ford government issued a moratorium on “aging out.”

Irwin went above and beyond. And we know he’s not alone.

If you know somebody in Toronto St. Paul’s who’s going above and beyond, please let us know.

Maybe they own a business and have given their workers paid time off.

Maybe they’re a landlord giving their tenants a break on their rent.

Maybe they’re getting groceries and medicine for their neighbours.

Tell us their name, and we’ll give them the #StPaulsShoutOut they deserve!

Suggest a St. Paul’s Shout-Out!

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