Thank you to the 900+ who signed our petition to “defund police”

To the 900+ who signed this petition, thank you. Together, our voices have helped give the provincial and federal NDP the strength they need to begin confronting this difficult but urgent issue head-on.

This petition is now closed – please show your continued support on this issue by sharing and signing the Ontario NDP’s excellent Commitment to End Police Violence and Invest in Black, Indigenous and Racialized People’s Lives.

As the NDP’s provincial and federal riding associations, we have always committed to the ideals of solidarity with Black, Indigenous, racialized, queer, LGBTQ+2S people. More than ever, we recognize that commitment and intentions are not enough.

We are proud to stand behind our MPP, Dr. Jill Andrew, who is the first black queer woman to be elected to the legislature in Ontario. As riding associations, we reaffirm our commitment to Jill, and to taking bold action to address systemic racism both within and without.

We encourage you to sign the petition.

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