Time to stop all construction, big and small

It’s time to shut down all construction — big and small — writes Vanessa, the Women’s Rep on our riding association.

“The government of Ontario is still refusing to shut down construction sites in this province. Doug Ford keeps citing big sites as examples: the condo towers, the housing developments/sub-divisions going up. But there are tons of renovations that are not as visible, but put people in the homes of people that are often home. In my experience in Toronto, most of the time when someone is home, it is a senior citizen, or a mother/nanny looking after young children.

On March 25, three workers at an Eglinton Crosstown site tested positive for the virus, and they’ve partially shut down the site. They are gambling.

Coronavirus: 3 workers at Eglinton Crosstown LRT construction site off work due to COVID-19

Often in construction, you are working hard, breathing heavier, sneezing because of a dusty environment, and all-around spreading germs. Often there is only one bathroom for a number of people, and I have been on sites with no running water. For countless tasks, I can tell you it is impossible to social-distance in construction work, and two people just need to get into a small space to install something, move heavy equipment, etc. Even installing drywall on a ceiling, for example, two people need to do it and get in spitting-distance of each other to hold it up and screw it in place.

Ignoring construction sites and workers safety to maintain the outward appearance of economic productivity is irresponsible and will backfire.”

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