Community News Update - June 27, 2023

Dear Community,

Congratulations to the new MAYOR OF TORONTO - OLIVIA CHOW!

Folks, it's been far, far too long since our city has had a progressive mayor in office. I couldn't be more excited! From day one, the mayor-elect's campaign promises have reflected her unwavering love for our city and her commitment to building toward a future that is equitable, sustainable, and livable for all. From affordable housing and improved public transit to environmental sustainability, Olivia Chow sees clearly the city each of us deserves.

From her early days as a school board trustee right up until the final days of this election, we've seen her commitment to the people of Toronto manifest in action. No job too small, no concern too trifling. She has a compelling vision for Toronto, and I for one cannot wait to see these promises become reality - a reality far too many in our community have been waiting far too long for.

Here's to a brighter future!

I want to also congratulate the many other mayoral candidates - all 102 of them - who fought tooth and nail for our city.

To the outstanding Chloe Brown and her team who arrived to this fight a political "outsider" (like me!) but nevertheless crafted a purpose-driven campaign with such integrity, optimism, and joy. She brought many of us new hope!

And, of course, our very own St. Paul's Josh Matlow! Thank you to his many tireless staff and volunteers for their hard work and commitment to our city! I hope you had a chance amidst all the hustle and bustle to enjoy the donuts I sent to your office!!

It's been a thrilling few months to say the least, but now it's time we get down to the action of it all. While I was so happy to see so many of you get out there and vote, please know it's not over yet! Now is the time to galvanize around our new mayor and ensure the city we love is given the tools it needs to love each of us back.

Gosh was it ever refreshing to get out this weekend and celebrate Pride with the many, many thousands of you who showed up and showed out! Thank you to every member of our Ontario NDP caucus who came out to represent our orange slice of the rainbow, and, more importantly, thank you to every member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community who showered the streets with love and joy and resilience.

I was so proud to march and dance shoulder to shoulder with you. Together, through this show of solidarity and enthusiasm, we've sent a powerful message to the many folks who've not yet found room in their hearts for queer joy. We're here, we're queer: GET USED TO IT!

Let's make a commitment to carry this spirit and energy of Pride with us throughout the year, let's challenge discrimination and hate, and let's keep building a world where everyone is free to live as their authentic self.

It's moments like these that remind me why I love this city!

An extra special shout out to my goddaughter Dezzy (below in beautiful bright pink)!

Thank you to EVERY community member who stopped to chat! Billy Newton-Davis, LeZlie Lee Kam, Dr. ABC, Dhalia, Julie, Rosie, and so, so, so many more. I feel REJUVENATED being in community alongside each of you!

Late last week, I was so honoured to attend the grade 12 graduation ceremony at The Linden School and present The Voice Award to a immensely deserving young recipient.

The Voice Award is presented to students who use their voices to create change in the minds and culture of the Linden community. How truly wonderful to honour the bravery of young folks in this way!

Thank you Linden for inviting me to celebrate alongside you, and I wish each and every graduate the warmest of wishes as they embark on their next chapter!

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This past weekend, the Helena Ave Street Party turned 25! It was wonderful to hang with friends old and new and take in the great music and talented parents and kids galore!

Next year, I promise to sing AND bring lasagna for the outdoor potluck. Thank you for the invitation!

If you have donations to spare, please consider bringing them down to Marian Engel Park on Saturday between 11AM - 1PM! If you need some extra groceries, come on down no questions asked (we have tote bags)!

Time to get our your calendars and mark down everyone's favourite St. Paul's weekend: SALSA ON ST. CLAIR!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out and about for the festivities on July 8 & 9!

Each year across Ontario, thousands of lives are lost to overdoses. We need every level of government to prioritize implementing harm reduction strategies to combat these senseless deaths, and you can help.

As many of you know, Naloxone is a medication that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose, and these kits are FREE with training at participating pharmacies across the city. Together, we can prevent unnecessary deaths and work toward a more compassionate society that is safe safe for everyone.

Find a pharmacy with Naloxone kits near you, and make sure you can recognize the signs of an overdose.

In Solidarity, 

Jill Andrew
Toronto-St. Paul's


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Dear Community,

Join me and Save Ontario's Science Centre on Sunday in Wells Hill Park to speak out against Doug Ford's scheme to move the Ontario Science Centre to Ontario Place, which has now led to the surprise closure of the Science Centre.

This benefits no one. Not the people of Toronto who are losing a beloved insitution or the 400+ employees of the OSC, many of whom will lose their jobs.

Meet us in Wells Hill Park at St Clair and Bathurst to tell Doug Ford NO.

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