Community News Update - March 17, 2023

Dear Community,

Today I joined my colleague MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam to announce our upcoming bill to improve air quality in Ontario. We were joined by the Sara and Joey from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers as well as owner of the Apricot Tree Cafe.

COVID IS AIRBORNE. We saw over the past 3 years the devastating impact of a pandemic, we also know that there are tools that can make it more difficult for these types of pandemics to spread by filtering air and improving ventilation. This bill would draw on expert advice to implement rules and guidelines that will improve indoor air quality standards. It is high time the Ontario government acted to protect our people and our economy. Clean air must be a right and with a government that has irresponsibly removed masking mandates we need this NOW. You can read about our press conference here.

Next Friday, join me and Bhutila Karpoche online for a town hall on the rent control for all act proposed by the Ontario NPD. You can find out more about this bill here.

Rent in Toronto seems to be constantly rising. Tenants are being forced to use more of their paycheques to keep a roof over their head. Making matters worse, not all tenants are protected under Ontario's rent control laws!

The Conservative government ended rent control for all new units first occupied after November 15, 2018. This could include your building. So, you could face rent increases by any amount every year, and it would be perfectly legal under current laws.

To take action and ensure all tenants are protected under rent control laws, we tabled Bill 48, the Rent Control for All Tenants Act. If passed, this bill would reinstate rent control for new units, bringing all rental units in Ontario back under the protection of rent control without exception based on the arbitrary date a building was built.

You can RSVP for this event here.

In Solidarity, 

Jill Andrew
Toronto-St. Paul's

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