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Delegate Selection Meeting for the 2022 Ontario NDP Convention

This event has already taken place.


We've unfortunately made a mistake regarding the resolutions. I was mistaken as to the deadline for submission (it is actually December 19th), and while we WILL be able to select delegates, we WON'T be able to submit resolutions from our riding association this year. We've determined that there is no way around this after consulting with NDP staff about the rules, and that the meeting date cannot be changed at this point. I deeply apologize for this mistake.
Any resolutions already sent to us are being submitted to the Toronto Area Council for consideration. I hope that you will all attend on the 20th if you can to select delegates. I believe that almost all the resolutions that would have been discussed will be sent in by other Riding Associations or groups, and the delegates are the ones who determine whether or not those resolutions are adopted by the party in the end. 
I apologize once again for the error and I hope you will still join us and MPP Jill Andrew on Monday

The Provincial Convention for the Ontario New Democratic Party is being held online in February 2022

Registered members of the provincial party’s Toronto-St. Paul’s riding association will choose 17 delegates to send to convention during a virtual members meeting on Monday, December 20, from 6 pm to 9:00 pm.

If you would like to be a delegate, but cannot attend the meeting, notify us by December 17 and we will make sure that your name is included for people to vote on. If you send us a statement of a few sentences, we will read it on your behalf. Please also specify your gender identity if you are comfortable sharing it, as there are seats reserved for non-cis-gendered men.

Everyone who RSVPs will receive a zoom link on December 19.


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