Shout-outs to all of you doing good

“Hey Toronto! We are going to do this together and it’s going to be awesome.”

Now we know how high the stakes are: 100,000 COVID deaths in Ontario if we don’t do something.

But we ARE doing something. Lots of things big and small.

And if we keep it up, the pandemic could claim as few as 3,000.

That’s 97,000 people we can save.

We’re off to a heartening start. All across Toronto-St. Paul’s, and all across Ontario, we’re coming together in a way we haven’t seen for generations.

Neighbours are helping neighbours. Strangers are helping strangers. And we’re even seeing old political foes putting aside their partisanship to say as one: we can do this.

Hey Toronto! 😊❤️ Are you distressed at the prospect of 12 weeks of lock down? Take heart! First, I promise that your feelings will shift & that you can be happy & well during this period. We are going to do this together, & it’s going to be awesome. /1

— Dr Aisha Ahmad (@ProfAishaAhmad) Click here to read and retweet the whole thread

Pam sends a #StPaulsShoutOut to workers at the Bradgate Arms retirement home.
💵 “They are the lowest-paid workers in the industry”
⚕️ “They have the health of 60 of us in their hands”
❤️ “To us, they are heroes.”

To all care workers, thank you! #COVID19 #ToStPauls

— NDP Toronto-St. Paul’s (@NDPStPauls) Click here to retweet

An important message from my colleague across the aisle – thank you @AndreaHorwath and the @OntarioNDP. We’re all in this together. #OntarioSpirit

— Doug Ford (@fordnation) Click here to see this retweet

Jae Truesdell, the Conservative candidate for Toronto St-Paul’s in the recent federal election, retweeted this @NDPStPauls retweet of a great short video posted by @deeJkatz of the nightly cheer for the health care workers — and all the other workers working through the pandemic — at 7:30 pm

— Jae Truesdell (@JaeTruesdell) Click here to see this retweet

“The @OntarioNDP are offering constructive ideas for the @ONgov to consider to help SMEs during this crisis. Relief for commercial renters & support for SMEs to access capital & finance remote work options are actions we are also recommending,” said @roccorossiTO

— Ontario Chamber (@OntarioCofC) Click here to retweet

Helping hands

We’ve already heard from a lot of people either offering or asking for a little bit of help. Please don’t hesitate to keep reaching out:
I could use or lend a hand

And since we all know that success begets success, don’t be shy about letting us know when you see your friends, neighbours, or local businesses doing something great.

Please keep all those amazing #StPaulsShoutOuts coming!

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