Special Bulletin: Addressing Incidents of Racism

Dear Community,

Earlier this week we learned of an anti-Semitic incident at Avenue and Eglinton. 

It has been reported that a man was uttering anti-Semitic slurs inside a business, and when confronted, punched the person confronting them in the face. As it stands currently, the police are investigating this assault as a hate crime. 

You can read about the incident here.

Of course, this week we've also seen a horrific incident in Atlanta where eight people were killed, including six Asian women. These attacks come while we are continuing to see an increasing number of anti-Asian hate incidents around the world, including here at home. 

Today, I'm writing this email to send a clear message of solidarity to our Jewish community, our Asian community, and to anyone who has been affected by racism, bigotry, or any form of hate. 

It has no place here, and I will continue to stand and fight against it wherever it appears - and I know I am not alone. 
In Solidarity,
Jill Andrew
Toronto—St. Paul's

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