Community News Update - November 14

Dear Community,

The House resumed today and my top priority; repealing Bill 28.
Since the day it was tabled, my position was clear. The Keeping Students in Class Act, 2022, was a vicious attack on education workers, parents, students, and ALL workers and should have never have been passed in the first place. Not only did it not keep students in class, it infringed on the human right to collectively bargain, as written in the constitution, through its use of the notwithstanding clause.


Community News Update - November 4, 2022

Dear Community,

On Wednesday, the Conservative government imposed a contract on Ontario education workers with a pitiful increase that still leaves these workers that do so much for Ontario's children earning poverty wages.

Rather than negotiating in good faith, the Conservatives are threatening to fine workers and their unions millions of dollars if they don't accept this contract and go back to work.

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